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SuperBeard™ - Beard Pencil

SuperBeard™ - Beard Pencil

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Fill in the missing spaces in your beard and look confident with SuperBeard™!

This beard pen uses a four-pronged micro fork tip to create hair-like strokes that blend seamlessly with your beard.

It also comes with a soft-bristled brush to soften pencil strokes for a more natural look. Fill in the gaps in your mustache, beard, and eyebrows for a sleeker, cleaner look. Your confidence lasts all day with its sweat and water resistant formula!

Perfectly defined beard shape

Make thin or patchy facial hair look thicker and more even with our beard pencil for men.

Water and sweat resistant formula

The waterproof and sweat proof beard coloring pen formula lasts long and maintains confidence throughout the day.

Perfect mix

The compact design of this patchy beard filler makes it very easy to carry. Get sleek, contoured, full facial hair anytime, anywhere!

For all types of beard

Perfect for home or professional use. The pencil and soft beard brush are suitable for all types of facial hair.

Available in 2 colors

Available in black and dark brown for a perfect blend with your natural hair.

Easy to use

Start by drawing the outline of your beard or mustache and continue to color the inside evenly along the desired shape. Use a soft brush to create a more natural look.


✔️ Colors: Black and brown

✔️ Pen Size: 12cm x 1.5cm

✔️ Brush Size: 13.8cm x 2.5cm x 1.5cm

product includes

  • 1 x Beard Filler Pen Kit

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