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Lint Remover Brush

Lint Remover Brush

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Enjoy your spaces free of hair and lint again!

Lint brushes are cleaning utensils that should not be missing in your home, because if there are problems with your clothes such as lint, these brushes can get you out of any trouble . And the best thing is that they are not limited to extracting only lint from clothes, they can also remove pet hair, hair, threads and dust specks that are on any textile material. This is possible thanks to the fact that they have slightly hard bristles, which act like tweezers and extract all those lint and impurities that are on your clothes and furniture in a few passes.

The lint removal system of these brushes is very similar to that of contact or Velcro closures, since their bristles work in only one direction. For example, if you pass the brush to the right, its bristles will act like magnets that catch all the lint and hair that are on the clothes, while moving to the left will act like a soft sponge. In the market you will find a variety of models of lint brushes. For example, there are the usual single-sided brushes, as well as those that are double-sided for faster brushing.

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