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William™ Wallet - Ultra Security

William™ Wallet - Ultra Security

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Do you want a wallet that is secure and holds all your cards and bills without taking up too much space?

William™ RFID wallet is perfect for those who seek elegance and security
✔️ Protect cards against illegal data theft.
✔️ It has a padlock inside
✔️ Design designed to contain all your documents (has space for everything you need)
✔️ Slim shape and resistant material, greater durability compared to cloth and leather bags.

Trolley with integrated compartments for cards and coins with patented storage system for greater security and organization
The card compartment includes storage for up to 6 credit cards and an additional compartment for business cards, receipts, invoices or 2 bad credit cards.
The cash compartment has a sliding function to store coins and a stainless steel pocket for bank notes.
The metal surface protects against RFID scanning, demagnetization, or damage from splashing water, sand, snow, or mechanical loads.
Organic design with soft lines and curves, extremely robust, durable and lightweight. (Uniting elegance and practicality)

Why is it so safe and resistant?

Normal wallets are ineffective against loss and theft. Old wallets are big and no longer hold your cash and cards properly.

✔️ It has a modern design.

✔️ Waterproof and any other liquid.

✔️ ULTRA RESISTANT material capable of withstanding big falls.

However, our products are made from a fully sealed aluminum polymer compound. This material prevents the scanner waves from coming into contact with the RFID chip, blocking the scanner and protecting the information stored in your wallet. In addition to card mischarge protection, there's a lot going on today!


Material: RFID shielding alloy + ABS + stainless steel
Size: 10cm x 7cm x 3cm
Package: 1 * RFID Secure Wallet

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